Dark is the Dawn
Cynthia Morey
World War II
Not another book about World War 2? Well, yes . .  . but
perhaps something rather different, for Dark is the Dawn 
sees the war through the  eyes of a child growing up during those dramatic times. It was prompted by
the discovery of a pile of dog-eared school exercise books dating from the 1930s and 40s, a 1939 diary,
letters from  World War 2, an RAF logbook, and long-forgotten photographs. 'I believe there could be a
story here,' thought Cynthia Morey, and almost immediately began to write.
Memories came flooding back faster than she could set them down. Family 'snaps', though only in black
and white, provided a vivid reminder of those times, and childish drawings made in the shelter during air
raids indicated that humour still prevailed even while bombs were falling. The battered exercise books
are full of wartime stories and fiercely patriotic poems, and the carefully cherished air letters from
Cynthia's brother Paul, serving in the RAF in the middle east showed what life was like for the crews of
the Wellington bombers in which he flew.
History in the making
Day after day during the
Battle of Britain, enemy
bombers accompanied by
ME 109 fighters droned
overhead, to be met every
time by our Spitfires and
'We watched  spellbound
from our garden in Croydon
as countless 'dog fights' took
place overhead,' she tells us.
' We should, of course, have
been in the air raid shelter,
but this was history in the
making, and we wanted to be
part of it. . . '
Dark is the Dawn.
Hardback. 160 pages.
ISBN 978-1-899820-61-0.